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Departed Tiverton Bus station on Friday 18th August at 10.30 arriving at Bitton Park B.C Teignmouth for pre match lunch.

Captain of the Day Angie Hill

Result was Bitton Park 144 Tiverton W.E 102

Angie and Dickie were only winning rinks Tony, Chris, Bob, Dennis, & Maureen all losing.

Saturday 19th August Game against Kings B.C

Captain of the Day Bob Pulsford

Result was Kings 120 Tiverton W.E 106

Tony & Chris were only winning rinks and Maureen drew Dickie, Bob, Dennis, & Angie all losing.

Ten Pin Bowling Challenge Saturday 19th August

Mike 93 Angie 90 Tony 87 Barry 85 Mike Turner 85 Christine 80 John Goff 79 Caroline 71 Richard 54 & June Turner 39

Sunday 20th August Game against The Den Teignmouth

Captain of the Day Tony Sykes

Result was Tiverton W.E 98 The Den 90 Our first victory overall.

Bob, Tony, and Angie were winning rinks and Dickie drew Chris & Dennis losing.

Monday 21st August against Torquay B.C

Captain of the Day Ken Powney

Result was Tiverton W.E 94 Torquay B.C 89 Our second victory overall.

Angie, Dickie, Barry, and Tony were winning rinks. & Chris, and Bob both losing.

Ten Pin Bowling Challenge Monday 21st August

Barry 137 Mike Turner 123 Tony 112 Christine 111 John Goff 93 Richard 91 Caroline 85 Angie 75 Mike 69 & June Turner 64

It was very good tour and well organised by T.L.H. Leisure and Dickie everybody had a good time.

Report by Tony Sykes

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